How to Make Your Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter low price

How to Make Your Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter low price
How to Make Your Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter low price
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Today most houses have to pay a huge amount of money as electricity bill. Especially in the context of the corona, where everyone has to work, study and do everything from home, current consumption is twice the normal consumption. In addition, summer has just begun. Therefore, the use of AC and fan in most homes may have increased. But many of us are wondering what is the solution to rising electricity bill. As a solution to this, KSEB itself has started a solar energy project. many people do not know is what to look for when choosing a solar panel and what basis should choose solar panels. Here’s a few basic facts about solar panel and how it is used.

A solar panel can be fitted to those who do not have electricity, to those who use less and to those who use very large quantities also. But everyone has to choose the panel according to their consumption. For those who do not have electricity at home, solar panels can be installed as DC lights or off grid panels. These can be used for home lighting purposes with a small battery, charge controller and two or three panels. The panel can also be installed in homes where there is no electricity to use the fan, mixer and refrigerator. To do this, you need to increase the capacity of the battery and increase the number of panels.



In this way, two and a half kilowatt and three and a half kilo wat of electricity will be available. If the inverter is used, about three-quarters of the current goes to KSEB. In such a situation, solar panels can also be used to balance it. For this, one kilovolt or two kilovolt panels can be installed. This will help reduce the current bill amount. If you have house with a current bill of Rs.440 If a panel is fitted in a house that uses five to six units of electricity, they can reduce the power consumption to less than 5 units.By doing so, they will be able to get a lower rate electricity bill without losing the government subsidy benefit. If 240 units of electricity is used for two months, the subsidy amount will be received from KSEB. It can operate all devices day and night.

If a offgrid inverter is selected, KSEB’s current is used and the excess generated current is taken as KSEB credit. By doing so, the KSEB bill changes bill cycle to every month and only a fixed amount has to be paid as the current bill. Excess electricity can carry over for the next month. It is used for 11 months and then refunded by the Electricity Board.

With the exception of the AC, the fridge, motor and washing machine can all be powered by a standard 2.5 kV inverter. Solar panels should be selected based on the type of house that uses a power source and the house that consumes more electricity. Special wiring may be required when DC lighting is required. Such a system can be used if the house is not in the past. Similarly, if an off-grid system is selected to start the poultry farm, the use of electricity will not be required if the solar panel is fitted with an inverter on two or four batteries. But after five years, the battery may need to be replaced. All you need to do to build a DC lighting system is use the old battery of the car or autorickshaw.

But in such a case a charge controller has to be attached. Otherwise the life of the battery will change. When using a 150 ah inverter battery, the charge controller can be made for Rs.15000 That is all that needed in a normal home. If a home currently does not have an inverter it would definitely be profitable to use 2 battery inverters. Doing so will cost around Rs 1 lakh. Once the solar panel is fitted, it is best to clean it two or three times a year. Otherwise sometimes it produces energy that causes change. Another thing to pay special attention to is to make sure that the panel fits in the place where no damage occurs. Solar panels are definitely a solution in this situation where the current bill is increasing day by day. Watch the video to know more

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