cell phone based remote controller for water pump

Summer has arrived. Therefore, in many places, there is a lack of water. In such a situation many people will depend on distant places. This means that in Kerala, many people have a well at home, but in the summer it dries up and they have to fetch water from farms and other places. But it is very difficult to go to the farm every time for this. As a solution to this, L&T has introduced a new water pump on and off switch. Let’s see how to use such a water pump switch and what are its advantages. This water pump switch released by the company L &T can be used to turn a remote motor on and off with a SIM inserted inside it. When you make a call from your phone to this SIM, the motor will turn on and the next call will turn off the motor. However, these are currently only available where L&T is wired. Otherwise existing connections may need to be modified. All of these are of great benefit to wells with a drinking water project.

This tool is available with the Instruction manual as well. It can be easily fitted by someone who knows a little electrical knowledge. RF electrical antennas need to be connected to the device. Along with this a port for inserting the SIM is provided. The sockets for connecting each wire are accurately marked. You can look at it and provide a connection. These can be used for single phase three phase motors. For single phase motors, the Y phase can be avoided . The phase wire should be connected to the top of the starter and the common wire should be connected in the same way.
Every wire will be marked.

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Connect the number one cable at 94 and the number two cable at 93. Connect the MC1 96 and the coil to the MC series in series and connect DA1 in parallel. An ELCB must be provided. That’s how connections are all provided. Otherwise there is a chance that it will be damaged suddenly when there is thunder. Once the device is configured in this way, the pump turns on the first call to the SIM and turns off on the second call. At the same time all the messages at the water pump are received. After all the you need to send a message from your master sim to the motor sim. then only it will it be activated. Full details are provided in the accompanying user manual. Watch the video to know more.

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