How to repair dead led bulb at home

Today, LED bulbs are widely used in all houses. But after a few days of use, they usually get damaged. In such a situation many people are discarding such LED bulbs. But a new LED bulb costs more than Rs 100 in the shop. Here’s how reuse on your LED light bulb in very easily .But you have to spend very little money for this. Check out how to reuse an old LED bulb with a new one for just 9 rupees and 50 paise.

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The required materials are thermal paste, soldering iron, iron and lead.

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How to do?

First remove the top part of the bulb. Then you need to replace the LED strip inside. Even if one of these is damaged, the bulb will not work. But if other parts of it are damaged, only those who know more electronics can fix it. The LED strip can be changed by anyone. Below of strip that is an aluminum plate. That fix using thermal paste. Unscrew the bottom and insert the two wires through the two holes you see on the bottom of the bulb. Then take a new LED strip and insert it inside the wire. Then glue it to the aluminum plate with thermal paste. It should be run in such a way that it connects to the wire correctly. Glue the glass part with the thermal paste on top of it. The bulb can be repaired by doing this. Then check if the bulb is working properly.

To remove the LED part from the glass part, light a candle and heat the glass part and the plastic part above it. The black part now seen is cleaned with a damp cloth. Now the glass part can be removed very easily. In the same way anyone can easily fix LED bulbs in the house. Watch the video to

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