how to make petrol bike to electric bike

how to make petrol bike to electric bike
how to make petrol bike to electric bike
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Petrol and diesel prices are rising day by day. For an ordinary person, it is very difficult to do normal things at such a high price of petrol or diesel. In such a situation many people are coming up with an idea called electric bikes. But electric bikes come at a high price in shops. If you have an old petrol bike in your hand, you can convert it and build an electric bike. The video shows you how to turn an old petrol bike into an electric bike at a very low cost.

But there are a lot of things to keep in mind when converting an old bike into a new electric bike. That means the petrol tank and a few things needed for the filter wiring need to be modified. Here, an old Bajaj Discover running on petrol is being converted into an electric bike. To do this, you must first remove all the unnecessary parts of the old bike. A kit is made using to build the electric bike. Remove the engine, piston and gearbox and fit the motor with a plate on that side.

From there it can be used by counting the chain to the wheel. Doing so will give you as much power as the motor has. But if it is done with clutch and gear, the construction method will change. This will enable the vehicle to use maximum power. Remove the crankshaft from the gearbox and cut it off.
Another way to build an electric motor is to use a hub motor. In doing so, it can be converted into a hybrid motorcycle. By doing this, petrol can also be used in motors. The coming part of the piston motor should be covered with an iron plate.

This is where the electric motor fits. One made of two plates of the same shape should be placed at the top and one at the bottom. Remove the flywheel of the vehicle and fit the gear wheel there. With this the chain can be connected from the motor. Fit the bottom fitting plate with a three-inch wide nut bolt. The chain can only be adjusted when it is fitted on top. Be sure to use quality bolts for this. It is a good idea to cut another tube and place it on top of the plate before fitting it into the battery. Mark the motor mounting area on the second plate and insert the hole and one and a half inch nut bolts. Enter 4 bolts on each side.


Then place it on top of the motor plate. Fit the chain to the motor upwards from the gearbox. Then connect the wires with a connector to fit the switch. Connect the yellow wire coming from the photo to the controller. Connect the blue wires in the same way. Connect the green wire on the motor and the green wire on the controller. The red and black wires on the controller are connected positively and negatively so that it does not go wrong. The remaining 2 yellow wires are on and off switches. A clip can be used to connect the used wires. Cut the wires and connect them separately. In the same way look positive and give the connection to the battery. After the wiring is complete.

You can check by pouring oil in the engine. The 7ah and 4 lead acid batteries are used for checking. When it is connected, it receives 48 volts. All wiring should be done after fitting in the parts. The place where the controller and the battery are to be placed needs to be welded. Fit the built-in controller battery. The tank is also fitted to make the front of the vehicle more attractive. The center hole is connected by a 750 watt motor with a chain spoke behind the hacking. The bike has a speed of 30 km / hr and a mileage of about 10 km. Those who want to make an electric bike, can watch the video to know more.

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