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Today, there is no home without laptops. In the context of Corona, everyone works at home and everyone buys at least one laptop for their online class. But buying a new laptop at a very high price is not something that happens to an ordinary person. But if you think you can buy a used laptop, you are often not sure about its quality. Also, most shops charge a hefty price for them. But not only laptops but all electronic related to computer is being introduced here at a affordable price.

All the parts needed to assemble a system are available at this shop at very low rates. Most online shopping sites charge very high price for this items . It can also be purchased with a one-year warranty. If you purchase a system kit for Rs 8800, you will get 4GB of RAM, DDR3, Lapcare brand motherboard, dual core processor, hard disk, cabinet and monitor. The keyboard and mouse can also be included. Rather than buying an old laptop, you can buy a kit like this for Rs 10,000 and assemble it yourself. Laptop batteries can be purchased for Rs 1,200. They come with a 1-year warranty. The 12A toner can be purchased for just Rs 450.

Items can be selected according to the customer’s choice and quality. Accordingly, the price will vary slightly. The pen drive of the 64 GB Sandisk brand costs only Rs 680. But the real price is above a thousand rupees. The second generation Intel Pentium processor required for the system costs only Rs 390. The 120 GB SSD is available for Rs 1700. But the actual price is close to Rs 3,000. They also come with a three year warranty.

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You can buy SSD high speed for Rs.490. UPAs launched under the Micro Tech brand come with a two-year warranty for Rs 2,050. The Rs 3200 kit for assembling the system like this includes all the parts. If the equipment purchased from here has any kind of compliance, they will replace it. All plug-ins to get sound in the system can be purchased for less than Rs 500. USB with 4 port connectivity is offered here at a price of Rs 190. Those who want to buy all kinds of computer products at such a low price can contact Shubham Technology in Kollam. Watch the video to know more.

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