House electricity wiring full tutorial-Electrical Wiring Installation Diagrams 2021

Once a house is built, we have to pay a huge amount of money to the electrician for the wiring. Ordinary people usually do not understand how to do a wiring. That is why we have to pay the money that the electrician says. Also, not everyone compromises on this issue because it is a matter of security. But here’s how to do the whole wire of a house very easily for anyone. Before you do the wiring, take a piece of chart paper and draw a plan of where each connection should be given and how it should be done. But only you can do the exact wiring. When drawing the plan you need to draw the main switch area at the top and how many rooms you need to connect to at the bottom. Let’s see how to make connection from DB box to each room.

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Three color markers are used to make the connection easier to understand. The markers used on the phase are red, neutral black and earth green. When the tester is used, the burning part is considered to be earth. First connect a wire coming from the meter to the isolator. Now the phase connection is coming to the L letter part. Connect the neutral line from the meter to the next point on the isolator.

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Place a connection from the neutral connected bottom to the N on the adjacent ELCB. In the same way, make a connection from the letter L to the part L of the ELCB. Provide connection from part L of ELCB to each part of MCB. This should be done in parallel. Connections are now available to all ELCBs. Next the connection to all the earth should be made from the bottom of the MCB.

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Give a phase wire from the beginning of the first MCB to the first room. Provide a similar connection from the second MCB to the second room. In the same way connection can be made from each MCB to each room. Phase connection is now available in every room. If only light and fan is used in a room, then six ampere MCB is sufficient. From the top side of the MCB you can make a connection to the DB Box Neutral and from there to the looped connection to every room. The same connection can be made from one room to another without doing this.

Now all the rooms have phase neutral wires. The earth is wrapped with a copper wire just below the meter. This will show the DB box earth symbol. Add a copper wire from it to the soil. Pull the wire from there and make the connection to every room. The connection can be made directly from the DB box. The connection can be provided through loop. Thus all the rooms can be connected. The next step is to connect the phase connection to the switch board that comes into the room. Pull the phase wire out of the D-box and insert it into the bottom of the switch board as common to all switches. Provide a phase connection from the first switch to the bulb. In the same way the second switch can be fed to the fan, via the regulator.

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Insert the second wire switch from the regulator to the first wire fan. Insert the wire from the third switch into the socket. Insert the neutral socket from the top into the N part. Now you have got the connection to all the bulbs and the fan. Apply the same to the earth wire and all the parts. Today you can connect all the rooms. Next you need a 2 way switch to fit the bed switch in one room. To do this, connect the lugs at the bottom of the switch to the bulb switch bed switch. The phase wire should be inserted in the common area of ​​the switch at the top. This way you can do the wiring of the house on your own. Watch the video to know more.

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