Electric Kilowatt Watt Power Usage Single Phase Energy Electricity Monitor LCD Backlight

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In these days the electricity bill is increasing day by day, many of us often do not know how much electricity we use each day. Especially in this hot season, the use of fan and AC may cause the electricity bill to go higher than usual. Many of us may be wondering if we have used as much electricity as stated in the bill received from the Electricity Board. Today we are going to introduce a device that can detect the current consumption that can be used in homes in such a situation. Using this one thing can easily track your power consumption. Here’s how to fit this device and how to find power consumption with it.

This device should be set on the wall. It can be easily fitted with just two wires. First open the ELCB and attach it to the wall or part of the switchboard with a nail. The ELCB board can be marked with a marker after placing it where it needs to be placed on the wall. Then make two holes in the marked area. A drilling machine can be used for this. Then screw in the holes. A three-quarter inch screw should be used for this. Then loosen the four screws around the switch board. Then turn off the main switch. The switch connected to the inverter switch, washing machine and fridge can also be turned off.

An energy meter should be installed next to it. It uses a 230 volt, single phase, up to 80 ampere AC power meter. Fit to the board in a way that connects to the board to give the connection. After that the line should be checked. When you touch the main switch with a tester, you can see that the light is on. This means that the switch is working. Turn off the nearest switch to find out. If the ELCB is off, the light will be on at the top of the main switch and the light will not be on at the bottom connection. Once it is detected that the non-light part is out, a connection can be made to the energy meter from there. The power meter must then be reconnected to the other two switches.

Of the two wires in the out, the one on the right is the phase and the one on the left is the neutral. Disassemble the neutral phase and apply to the energy meter in. Output from the energy meter to the other switches. 2.5 mm wire is used to supply current. Insert the phase neutral wires into the energy meter. You can turn on the switch to see if the energy meter is on. It can be understood that it is working now. Then take it out early and take the neutral and apply it to the connection at the bottom of the energy meter. Connect the face in the same way. KWH in energy meters is the unit of electricity.

Now you can see how many volts are on the line. When a new meter is used, the kilovolt is shown as zero. The box can be closed after all the connections have been entered correctly. It shows zero volt when the inverter line is turned off. When you check the meter for about a couple of hours, you can see how much is used in the unit of electricity meter. This way you can check the power consumption whenever you want. Now you can find out for yourself how many units of electricity you use each month by taking note of the number of units of electricity used in this way every day. Homes that use an inverter will display 40 volts to 150 volts if the charger is on and 8 to 15 volts if it is off. Watch the video to know more about Connection Working.

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