adukkala thottam mutta paripalana scheme in Kerala 2021

adukkala thotta mutta paripalana scheme
adukkala thotta mutta paripalana scheme
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Adukkala thottam mutta paripalana scheme in Kerala : The Central and State Governments are currently formulating various schemes for the economic upliftment of women. In this way, the government intends to provide women with a financial security of their own. But often women are unaware of such schemes. But the adukkala thotta mutta paripalana scheme is a new scheme launched by the state government exclusively for women. Let’s see what is the uniqueness of this scheme and who can avail the benefits of this scheme.

Under this scheme for women empowerment through Kudumbasree, each housewife will get 20 chickens as well as the necessary nest and feed. The total cost for this project is Rs. 15,000. Out of this Rs.5000 will be given as subsidy. After paying the first amount of Rs. 750, the remaining amount can be taken as a loan through kudumbasree.For this reason , only women who are part of the Kudumbasree ayalkkoottam Scheme can avail the benefit.

The uniqueness of this scheme is that it subsidizes 33%of the total investment. Five women from a Kudumbasree can be part of this project. 100 chickens will be provided for five persons. Out of this, one can join the scheme by payingRs 750.The remaining amount of `9250 can be repaid as loan through Kudumbasree. All the five will get a subsidy of Rs 25,000. All five have to spend a total of Rs 75,000. Five more will have to pay a first payment of Rs 3,750. Then the balance loan amount will be Rs 46250 for five people. All the necessary information is available through Kudumbasree officers in all the 14 districts.

All you have to do is fill up the application form for those who are interested. It is also possible to be a part of the project through a CDS member. The government will provide a loan of up to Rs 2,00,000 for the chicken shed. It can be obtained through the panchayat. Of course, the Kitchen Garden Egg Poultry Care Scheme is a scheme that can be availed by the women of Kudumbasree ayalkkoottam. Watch the video to know more.



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