Branded Shoes 50% Discount – branded shoes low price Indira nagger Bangalore

branded shoes low price Indira nagger Bangalore
branded shoes low price Indira nagger Bangalore
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Using branded items that everyone wants. But branded items have to be paid more in big shops. Today we are getting acquainted with a shop that offers all kinds of branded items for women and men at very affordable price. From here you can choose from casual, formal, party wear and shoes for women and men in all different models and prices. The specialty of this shop is that you can get branded items for half price.

Shoes from all the best brands like adidas and puma can be bought for half price. In addition to these, you can find a diverse collection of ladies’ wallets, bags and sandals in the shop. Those who want to start a shop of locally, branded items can also buy goods from here wholesale. You can also buy GAS brand shoes priced at Rs 6,300 here for Rs 3,150. adidas Olympic model shoes come with an MRP of Rs 14,000 but you can own one here for half the price of Rs 7000. Puma shoes priced at Rs 3,000 can be purchased for Rs 1,500.

The MRP price of any model shoe purchased from the shop is only half the price. The article number required to identify whether you are buying the original product is provided on the shoe. You can check with it. Sizes 6 to 12 of all brands are available here. Puma, rodaster to get any brand of your choice from here. ID brand shoes priced above Rs 3,500 can be purchased for around Rs 1,600. Apart from these, sports shoes cost Rs 8000 and you can buy them for Rs 4000. Formal shoes are available from Rs 1500. They are made of original leather and are available at this price. Many brands of these are also available here. Because they are taken directly from the factory, they are able to sell quality goods at such a low price.


Ladies and Girls can be purchased at 60% off and more profits if you purchase more. Another unique feature is that all the latest trendy ladies sandals and shoes are available in custom. The ladies boot type shoe sells for Rs 1500 here. It is available in different colors and brands. A large collection of loafers can be found here. For those who want to start their own shop in their city, these items will be delivered anywhere in Kerala. It can be purchased directly at the shop and retail. The shop where you can get such low priced branded items is located at The shoe shop in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

sidique- 9886174736

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