Malayalam voice typing app 2021 – Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications

Today all of us increasingly using our mobile phones to use a variety of messages, both on and off social media. But a big thing is often a little more difficult to type. In such a situation it can only take a long time to type a large contents. Apps such as Google Keypad and Manglish are often used for voice messaging, but a large message cannot be done with such apps all at once. But today we are getting acquainted with an app that is available at a much higher speed.

An app called Live Transcribe is used for this. First go to the Play Store and download the app. Then when you open the app for the first time you will be asked for permission and all of them will be allowed. After that you can select the language you want from the option given below. English is the default language. The next thing you need is to quickly capture this app and type it.

Another feature is that it is typed very accurately. You can change the language and try this app as needed. With this app you can do the things that we normally take a lot of time to type in seconds. Now, if you want to share what you have typed somewhere, you can copy and share the content by typing and selecting it. You can increase or decrease the size of the text by selecting the settings application.Also You can save the transcription you typed, as well as use more features. That is, change the themeetc .. This app is all about using different languages. Of course, using this app, you can now type messages as well. Watch the video to know more.

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