How To Make DC Pedestal fan at Home – DIY homemade DC fan

DIY homemade DC fan
DIY homemade DC fan
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It is impossible to go without the use of fan or AC in this hot summer. But often it is not possible to sleep in the summer after the power goes out. So many of us are wondering what is the solution to this. If you can build a battery-powered fan at a very low cost, it can definitely be used when there is no power. Here’s how to make a pedal fan using some useless items in the house for anyone. Another feature of such a fan is that it can be used to rotate all night long. Let’s see how to make a fan that works in both AC and DC modes.

A mini motor with 150 mAh at 9 volts, a sealing case, a piece of PVC measuring one and a half inches, pieces of iron square measuring three-quarters of an inch, and a wall fan are just some of the materials needed to make a fan.

How to do?

First Insert a hole three-quarters of an inch into the tube so that it enters the inside of the tube. Each hole should be inserted in 2 pipes to keep it tight. Fit the minimotor on top of the three-quarter-inch pipe and cut the square tube. Insert the mini motor into the one and a half inch pipe. Cut in to PVC minimotor size. Use a bolt nut to adjust the fan. Fit it. Put one half inch of square tube in your pipe and put the required hole on a switch. Fit the switch. A box is required to fit the battery. For this, the PVC pipe is laid out in the form of a box. Make a PVC box the size of a battery and glue it with super glue.

Put a hole in it and attach it to the pipe with a screw. Two wires are required from the mini motor. Insert one of the wires into the switch and the other from the motor into the battery. Then connect the leaf of the fan to a piece of PVC and solder the connection of the wires to it. Then attach the leaf to one inch pipe. A part needs to be made for the fan to sit on the ground. To do this, place the case on the bottom of the old fan and weld it. When this is done, the fan is ready. It Can be painted to make it more beautiful. The battery box can be put inside after all the work is done. Then connect to the plug via a cable and when turned on the fan will rotate. This way anyone can easily bulid up a low cost battery powered fan.Watch the video to know more.


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