Kerala Employment Exchange will provide interest free loan-2021

Kerala Employment Exchange will provide interest free loans
Kerala Employment Exchange will provide interest free loans
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The Central and State Governments are formulating various schemes for the upliftment of the farmers. However, most of the schemes are often overlooked by the farmers. Therefore, the benefits of such schemes do not exactly reach the farmers. Today we are going to talk about a loan available under the Kerala Employment Exchange which benefits all farmers. Usually when we approach banks to start things like a farm they are reluctant to lend it and even if they get a loan they are often unable to use it properly. However, the Kerala Employment Exchange will provide interest free loans of up to Rs. 1 lakh to all to find self-employment. Let us see what are the features of their scheme.

Those who want to be a part of such a scheme can find information through the official website of the Kerala Employment Exchange. After opening the website, if you select the scheme and submit the application, you will get a letter loan sanction for a maximum of one month employment Applications should be submitted through the website Then you can select KESRU from the Schemes section. The benefit is available to those who register their names through the Employment Exchange. It is possible to start any business on your own with this amount. If you want to start a farm, you must first prepare a project report.


Applications can be received through all employment exchanges. Applicants should be in the age group of 21-50 years with an annual income below Rs. 1 lakh. Certificate proving annual income can be obtained from the Village Office. Those who are registered with the Employment Exchange can apply. But the applicant should not be a student. Loan amount is available through Nationalized, Cooperative and KSFE. Subsidy amount is available through Employment Exchange. Those who want to start their own business like this can definitely avail this opportunity. Watch the video to know more.

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