Volume Booster PRO – Sound Booster for Android 2021-2022

Volume Booster PRO - Sound Booster for Android 2021
Volume Booster PRO - Sound Booster for Android 2021
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Today we all use mobile phones. But often when we listen to a song or watch a video, we sometimes do not hear it accurately. In this case, no matter how much volume is added, there is no significant change. But most of us do not know what to do if the volume of the phone is kept to a maximum and the same condition persists. But today we are talking about an app that can increase the volume of your phone.

Volume Booster PRO – Sound Booster for Android


Let’s see how to enhance the sound of your phone with Extra Volume Booster. Install the app first. Then open it and you can listen to the song using the play button below . You can also adjust the volume on your phone using the volume button at the top. Now if you need more sound you can increase or decrease the sound with the boost button that appears on the left side of the screen. This will increase or decrease the volume of your phone.


With such an app it is possible to double, normalize and mute the sound of your phone. Also the sound can be adjusted differently like 100% 120% etc… In addition to these, App has a lot of options. Click on the menu button above to get it. You can use any of these features while you are listening to music. In this way you can easily increase the volume of your phone with this one app in a very short time. Watch the video to know more. download Volume Booster PRO click here

  • Increase all music media volume: including audio sound, video sound and game sound.
  • Increase all system volume: including ringtone volume, notification volume and alarm volume.
  • Wonderful sound spectrum: You can watch the wonderful visual sound spectrum at the same time you listening to songs.
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