7 lakh budget home-Kerala Style home plan 2021

7 lakh budget home-Kerala Style home plan 2021
7 lakh budget home-Kerala Style home plan 2021

A home is everyone’s dream. But it is common for many people to give up such a dream because they do not have the financial support to build a house. If you approach banks for financial assistance, they will charge a hefty fee. This could lead to huge financial losses in the future. But today we are getting acquainted with a house built on a very low budget in a way that suits the mind.


This beautiful house was built with the cooperation of everyone in the house. Front side near the house is provided in two parts to set up a garden area. This makes the way home even more beautiful. The construction of the house was completed using very inexpensive materials. Next, look at the total amount spent on house construction. 3500 for turning plot and divide land, Rs. 3500 for cutting wood, Rs. 4000 for JCB work, Rs. 7000 for total unloaded Emsand, Rs. 13500 for peas, Rs. 14850 for cement, Rs. 26,900 for cement block, Rs. 92000 / – including cement pipe carriage for pillars, Rs. 1800 / – for concrete window sills, Rs. Fabrication work 50,000, oat paint Rs. 8000, ceiling Rs. 30,000, house paint Rs. 20000, interlock Rs. 4500, yard gypsum laying Rs. 5000, closet Rs. It cost around Rs 1 lakh. This house has a hall with beatiful ceiling, 2 bedrooms with cupboards, one bedroom with attached bathroom, store, kitchen and a work area. Those who want to build a house like this can watch the video to know more.

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