low price used car in Kerala-2021

low price used car in kerala
low price used car in kerala
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Everyone wants to own a car. But often, owning a car is not always easy. In such a scenario we are looking for cars that can get used at very low prices. But many of us have doubts about the quality of used cars when we buy them. But today we are introduced to a place where good quality cars are available in a affordable price.

The first car to be introduced is the Swift ZXI with 2017 Model 18 registration. The total distance covered was 33000 km. The asking price is 6, 10,000 thousand rupees. There will be some changes in the price. Alloy wheel, dual airbag,push start, replacement guarantee and 3 free service anywhere in India.

The next car is the 96 model Maruti. The asking price is 20,000 rupees. The seat cover and bumper need to be changed. The body is in good condition.

The next car is the 99 model Maruti 800. There is paper until 2024. Insurance is available until January 2022. The asking price is 32000 rupees.

Maruti 800 is available here for Paper is available till 2023. As it is a 2010 model AC car, the asking price is 1,25000. The total run is sixty thousand kilometers.

The 2006 model Maruti Standard MPFI can be purchased for Rs 45,000. My interior is well maintained.


Zen is the next car to have paper until 2025. The run is 98000 km. The asking price is Rs 95000.

The next car is the 2012 model spark. AC power steering 4 door power window facilities are available. The car is a diesel variant. Asking for a car with single ownership is Rs 1,15000.

Datsun can be purchased for Rs 2 lakh 85,000. It can be taken as a new vehicle.

The next car is the 2013 model Dzire. The total distance covered was 76,000 km. Petrol variayant. The asking price is three lakhs and sixty five thousand.

The next is the 2003 model Santro. AC power steering is also available. The asking price is Rs 80,000.

Next up is the 2019 model Echo. The run is a thousand kilometers. The asking price is four lakh and fifteen thousand rupees.

Next is the Volkswagen, which ran 26,000 km. The asking price is 635000. Up to 80% loan is available.

The 2010 model Alto k10, which ran for 33,000 km, is priced at Rs 2 lakh 35,000.

Those who want to buy such good quality used cars at low prices can contact my True Value Shop in Kollam. The number to do Tata is added below.


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