Energy Conservation – Kerala State Electricity Board Limited

Energy Conservation – Kerala State Electricity Board Limited
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The heat of summer is unbearable. Usually the current bill is a huge amount due to the excessive use of AC, fans at this time. And we all know that in the wake of the corona last year, every household had such a huge amount of electricity bill. Here is a new thing ssued by KSEB as a warning in this situation.

The AC, and fridge is one of the two most used electronic devices in the summer. But the power consumption for these is huge. Therefore, if the use of these is controlled, it will definitely help in bringing about a slight reduction in the current bill.

If you are planning to buy a new AC, be sure to use white paint on the inside and outside of the terrace. Similarly, shading of windows and walls and planting of trees around the space help to reduce heat penetration. Also, before choosing an AC, be sure to choose one that fits the size of the room. Five star AC’s are more efficient. Make sure no air enters through any part of the room where the air conditioning is intended. If filament bulbs are used in the room, be sure to replace them. When the temperature is set above 22 degrees Celsius, the power consumption increases to 5 Celsius.So be sure to set the temperature to 25 degree. Be sure to clean the air conditioning filter every month. Also make sure that the condenser unit does not fit into the southwest side. This is because it can cause heat to build up. Make sure the room is well ventilated. sure to use a fan or table fan during hot weather.




Here are some things to look for when using the fridge: Be sure to place it at least 6 inches from the wall when fitting the fridge. This helps to keep the heat from the condenser out of the fridge . It also helps to increase the performance of the fridge and helps to reduce power consumption. Do not open the fridge from time to time to prevent heat from entering the fridge from outside. Once the door is open make sure it is closed properly. Be sure to place the items at the correct distance without overcrowding. Otherwise the cold will not reach all parts exactly, and also help to reduce power consumption. Be sure to clean the inside of the fridge at regular intervals. If it’s hot food, keep it in the fridge only after it has cooled down. Throw out unwanted items in the fridge. Watch the video to know more

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