How to calculate cubic feet of wood-measure a wood log in cft

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to bulid a home. I think only someone who is very knowledgeable in mathematics can understand wood requirements,so many of us do not inquire about such things. But any ordinary person can easily find a cubic foot of wood. Here’s what is required for this and what methods should be used for it.

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There are mainly 2 methods used for calculating the wood foot.They are Metric measurement method and Imperial measurement method, you can find the cubic feet of a tree using these two methods. But in our country, cubic feet are usually calculated using the imperior method. But in both cases there is a complete digestive tract.

The first metric calculation is to say that the first piece of wood is a cylindrical one. The first step is to find the circle area of ​​a tree. The volume is obtained by multiplying the height obtained by stopping the cylinder by the area. Area of ​​circle = pir2 is used as the formula. Where R is the radius and pi = 3.14. Then we need to use volume or circle = pi r2h to see the volume for the circle. But this formula cannot be used on all woods. This is because the width of the bottom of some timbers can be seen to decrease as the width increases. Therefore, it is not possible to say that this type of wood is in the cylindrical shop. In this case, the average can be obtained by dividing by the radius of the top. If the wood is lying flat, the radius at its base can be calculated. But let us see how the radius of an uncut tree can be seen.

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The formula for volume = c2L / 4pi can be used to view the volume according to the size of the trunk or the metric measurement of circumference and radius. Where c = circumference. The formula c = 2 pi r can be used to find the perimeter. Where r = c / 2pi and volume = pi r 2L = pi * (C / 2pi) 2 * L = c2L / 4pi.
The next step is to use the formula volume = c * c * L / 2304 for Imperial Measurement. Here the circumference is in inches and not in feet. All the measurements are converted to feet to make them into one unit. Using this formula you can find the cubic feet of wood in the Imperial way.

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