JMT1000HS – Highspeed electric scooter Review 2021

JMT1000HS - Highspeed electric scooter Review 2021
JMT1000HS - Highspeed electric scooter Review 2021
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Petrol and diesel prices are rising day by day. Therefore, the use of petrol and diesel vehicles for everyday use is becoming more and more difficult for the common people. in this context that we can understand the importance of electric vehicles. The fact that the electric scooter can be easily used by anyone in the same way at a very low cost and increases the popularity of the electric vehicle. It is hoped that in the next two years or so, a revolution of electric vehicles will take place on the streets of our country. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using an electric scooter launched by Jitendra Sin Zero, an electric company.

The company is mainly placed in Thiruvananthapuram and will soon have about 35 dealerships in Kerala. The Jitendra JMT 1000 HS scooter is similar in design to a standard modern scooter. Other notable features include reverse assist, digital instrument control, anti-theft alarm, central lock and mobile charging port, making it easy for women and the elderly to rotate scooters. Without this use, the vehicle can be turned on by pressing the power button on the remote twice. Other features include buttons for turning off and locking the scooter remotely. An alarm will sound if someone knocks or pulls on the vehicle after the vehicle is locked. It also comes with 2 tires are locks. The remote also provides an option to park the vehicle and identify the location. On the display side you can see information about the battery charge, vehicle service, system and speed detection in case of any problems.


It can reach a top speed of 40 kmph in 5 seconds. But the maximum speed is 60 kilometers per hour. Three modes are used to adjust the speed of the vehicle. They are categorized by speed as 30, 40 and 60. The loading capacity of the vehicle is said to be 150 kg. It Can be charged with a 10 ampere electric plug. The time it takes for the battery to full charge is about three hours. The battery can be removed from the vehicle and charged. 90 km on a 3 hour charge. Using a lithium iron battery gives more durability.

Not only that, you only need to use only one battery. Only one and a half unit of current is used to charge the battery for 3 hours. That is, electricity costs about five rupees. The specialty is to travel 100 km for five rupees. Periodic service should be done every three months after purchasing the vehicle. The main thing to check is brake-wear. Otherwise it can be said that it is zero maintenance cost. The current price in Thiruvananthapuram is Rs 85,000 after deducting the government subsidy for electric vehicles. This includes five years of insurance and 15 years of road tax.

The fact that it comes with a three-year motor battery and warranty also adds to the popularity of these devices. As most of the parts are produced in India, get a subsidy of up to Rs 18,000. So you can buy this one motorbike worth over Rs 1 lakh for the on-road price of Rs 85,000. You can use this electric bike in the same way you use a Activa scooter,as it uses 3000 watts of motor power. So of course anyone can buy this scooter with confidence. Watch the video to know more

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