How to Apply Possession Certificate in Kerala 

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Apply Possession Certificate  Kerala: One of the major thing is most of us do not know is how to get a possession certificate. For this, they often have to go to the village offices and so on. A possession certificate is a certificate required to prove ownership of land if a person owns or not. Let us see how to get the possession certificate through online. The possession certificate is usually issued one day after the application is submitted to the Village Office. The application has to be submitted online.

How to apply Possession certificate Kerala

  • Step 1: Open the browser and then open the district website.( )
  • step 2: Open using your username and password. Now select the Apply for a Certificate that appears on the left side.
    step 3: Click Get Started. Most of the services of the Revenue Department are available through this.
  • Step 4: Select e -district register number.Select the Certificate.You Need Choose the reason you need to take the certificate. Bottom of their page enter all the land related information exactly. Here you have to give the tax related and enter the new thandaperu number in the receipt. If you have land size in cents you can also see the option to convert to cent here.
  • Step 5: Fill in the application, your name and other details in the declaration part and then click on submit application.
  • Step 6: You can upload any documents you for this purpose.
  • Step 7: There you will see the amount to be paid and you can make the payment through online banking. The make payment option can be used for this. Once the payment is made, a receipt can be seen which can be print out or kept in PDF format.
  • Step 8: If you select the transaction history on the Home button, you can see all the applications submitted by entering the from and to date and view the status of the application using the view status here. If it is processing, the certificate is not ready and if it is re-submitted, it has to be re-submitted. You will find the reason to resubmit.
  • Step 9:Your application will be ready if you submit all the required documents correctly
    and resubmit.Once the status is approved you can download the Possession Certificate.

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