E District income certificate /one time registration

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Today, most of the services under the Revenue Department are online, so applying for it and downloading all the certificates online can take a lot of time if you approach a Akshaya Kendras. But it is very easy for anyone to apply and download such certificates online from the comfort of their own home using their smart phone.
Let’s see how you can take advantage of such a service using your smartphone or computer.

How to apply income certificate

Step 1: Open the browser on your phone and then open the e-district website.

Step 2: from the page that appears, select New portal User Creation.

Step 3: You can register by entering all your information correctly on the next page. Here you can enter your username and password as required.
You can also select a password recovery question. After that by typing the given captcha and clicking on the I Agree button. Click the Validate button and then click OK.
Step 4:
Now you will get an OTP on your registered phone number. If you confirm it,your account will be created.

step 5: You can log in again by e- District website by using your login ID and password.

step 6: Select One Time Registration from the page. Enter all the details of the applicant. Be sure to enter the required details exactly as well as the phone number given earlier. When everything is done, check if the preview is correct. Make a separate note of the registration number. The account is now created.

Next we will see how to get a certificate using this website. After selecting Certificate, click on the Go button. Here you can see your registered number and name on e- district registration number. Then select the type of certificate you want. If you are opting for the Income Certificate, please share the required information on the following page. If you need to submit any documents for this, upload it on the required size and submit it

You will now receive a notification that the application for the required certificate has been submitted. You will receive the certificate within two days. You can check your application status. For that select the application status and select Enter as Service. Apply your need and select the certificate. After checking the status in this way, if it has been approved, it can be downloaded.



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