Encumbrance certificate in Kerala- How to apply online

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An encumbrance certificate is a certificate that allows you to know all the details of the transfer of land. But not everyone has the right information about this. Also, you do not know what to do to get an encumbrance certificate. Let us see what are the requirements to get such an encumbrance certificate. The encumbrance certificate can be used to find out the details of those whose land has been transferred within a specified period, whether the land has been mortgaged to the bank and whether any court proceedings have taken place on the land.

The encumbrance certificate is issued by the registration department. In order to obtain such a certificate, the holder’s name, survey subdivision, title deed and duration are mandatory. Application submission, payment of fees, and download can be done through online.

Encumbrance certificate in Kerala- How to apply online

Step 1: opening the browser and open the website www.keralaregistration.gov.in.

Step 2: Now go to the website of the Registration Department and select Online Registration Here.

step 3: Select the encumbrance certificate from the certificates.

step 4: Select submit application for easy. Now you will see a page to enter information.
Fill it in correctly and click save/ update.
This includes Book One theeru,Gift, and ozhimuri. Osyat should be given in the part called Book 3. The number can be seen on the back of the aadharam.

Step 5: The Aadhaaram number will be in the order of the year and the book number. Please see all the information in the source you provided.

Step 6: You can include information on more than one in this way. By law all land recipients are not required to provide basic information. Then enter the exact survey number and related information.Applicants who do not have a new survey number will be rejected. So be sure to apply online only after taking a new survey from the Village Office. Note whether the land is allotted in cents or hectares and then select the option given accordingly. Accordingly, the information should be given in the next column as well.

Step 7: Once you have selected the search period, select the period from which you want the certificate and then select Calculate Fee. Here you can choose whether you want the certificate in Malayalam or English. Then you can see the fees you have to pay.
Step 8: Enter the name of the place in the column below.
Step 9: Click on proceed to pay button.Step 10: You can pay here. For this, select Make Payment. Here you can use any type of online payment of your choice.
Step 11: Once the payment is complete, you will receive a payment receipt. Keep the transaction ID in it. Take the encumbarance certificate once again and make sure things are done correctly.

If the payment is in red and it is not correct then the payment has to be made again. The certificate will be ready within 2 to 10 days of submitting the application. If the status is checked and the certificate is ready, you can download it. To validate signature click on the question mark below and select Show Signature Properties. All parts of the signature can be validated using the LIST.
By validating the certificate signature you will receive a valid certificate.

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