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As we all know today, we all live in the digital age. That is why digital changes are taking place in all sectors. In such a scenario,’ Samagra’ is an application launched by the State Government under Information Kerala covering all the services of the local bodies. But many people do not know what is the benefit of using this application and how to use the application. Let’s see what you need to know about the samagra mobile app.

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First go to Play Store and install the app ‘SAMAGRA’. Then open the application. Now you can see four tabs. Online service, verification service, government order and LSGI login. Also below are the numbers of Municipalities, Corporations and Panchayats in Kerala. If you opt for the online service, you will find birth, death and marriage certificates, file inward tracking, tax fees, and licenses, plan projectors and monitoring, electrol representatives, welfare pensioners, tender notifications, about us. The first button can be used for birth-death-marriage registration. Birth registration can be checked by entering the date of birth. From this you can select the information you need. Death and marriage registration information can also be obtained in the same manner.

File Inward Tracking You can check selected local body status and building permit status. For tax information related to your property, you can enter the tax option. Know your current plan information by using the plan project in style. Similarly, if a representative is elected, the details of those elected to the local bodies will be available. Tender information related to Local Self Government Institutions will be available in the tender notification.

From here you can download the required notification in PDF format. An app can also be used to get information on local government bodies related to the government. Verification requirements can also be utilized through this. The LSG login is provided for work login related to the Local Self Government Department. In this way you can install and use the Samagra app for all the services related to the Local Self Government Department. Watch the video to know more.

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