Best Place to Buy Granites in South India

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Most of us have a different attitude when it comes to flooring. Because we do not know exactly what these are, we often choose materials like granite from the nearest shop or with the help of a contractor and well come at a very high price. In such a situation we are getting acquainted today with a place where you can get original granites with good quality in a very low price.

Their main purpose is to deliver good quality original granite to the people. They cut the granite stones from 6 to 7 feet in size to 3 feet as required and then transform them into good quality granite through subsequent processes. Granite is mined using blasting powder. Granite mined in this way requires a number of processes to be polished. Large pieces of granite are transferred to the other side using JCB.

The stones are cut to a thickness of 17 mm. It uses a multi-cutter that can use up to five blades simultaneously. Then converts them into box shape. The next process is to give the cut granite to color. Color crushed granite needs to be dried. The granite is polished here using a machine imported from Italy. Epoxy painted granite and non-granite, you can purchase from here. The epoxy paint needs to be dried for 48 hours with the help of Dryer . Prior to that the granite needs to be cut with a cutter machine. It is completely polished with the help of a three foot wide granite machine. Special types of bricks are provided in the machine for polishing.



First quality granite starts at Rs.65 You can buy third quality granite in the same color and shape. You can purchase it from here. Rejected material is purchased and sold at wholesale prices in the market. One way to identify third quality material is to look for yellow in them. This type of color change indicates the quality of the granite. However, cracked granite is converted to second quality. But if you buy material without paying attention to these, you are also more likely to lose. Second quality is available at around Rs 50 to Rs 55 and third quality at Rs 45 to Rs 50. Granite with epoxy is not a problem as it is used on that part of the house but when used on the outside the line can cause the color to fade. Therefore it is always better to use granites with transparent epoxy. Granites starting at Rs.60 per second quality will be of essentially good quality. If you want to buy quality granite at a low price, you can contact the stone factory with direct granite factory in Hosur, Bangalore. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to know more.


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