how to register for Covid vaccine online in Kerala 2021

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The number of covid victims is increasing day by day. In this case, everyone is rushing to get the Covid vaccine, but many are wondering how to register to get the vaccine, and many are avoiding getting the vaccine, thinking about the side effects of the vaccine. The vaccine was launched in March, but many are still unregistered because they do not know much about the vaccine. In this case, you can check how to register for the Covid vaccine and what are the side effects of the vaccine.

Let us see how to register for Covid vaccine.

Step 1:Open the browser and the website

Step 2:On the page that appears, select Register Yourself. You can now register by entering your phone number. Then click on Get OTP.Enter the OTP received on your phone.

Step 3:You will now be taken to the registration page, where you can select and enter any identity document as ID proof. Then fill in all the information about the person, gender, date birth.Click the Register button.

Step 4:After that you can log in again and check the the person you registered with. Up to four people can register through the schedule appointment or by using the button below.

Step 5:If the date you provide at the time of the appointment schedule is not available, you can book for the next week. Or you can check the zip code of any other Community Health Center near you. When you search, you will find details of paid and non-paid hospitals. In it, select the hospital and then click on the book button. You can then choose whether you want in the morning or in the afternoon. Then click on the Book button.

Step 6:You can then read the information on the page and click the Confirm button.

Step 7:People with other illnesses who bring proof of identity and other illnesses certificate and vaccine appointment at the time of vaccination.



his way anyone can easily register to get the Covid  vaccine. But now many people are reluctant to take the vaccine because they do not know the side effects of taking the Covid vaccine. Let’s take a look at the major side effects of taking the Covid vaccine.

Some of the most common side effects of vaccinated people are fatigue, body pain, headache, swelling, redness and nausea in some people. But it can also be considered a sign that your body has adopted the vaccine.But these will last for a few days and then disappear. However, you should definitely contact the hospital immediately if you experience blurred visions, severe or persistent headache, chest pain, shortness of breath, persistent abdominal pain, or swelling even days after being vaccinated.

But there is no doubt that the vaccine will definitely give you protection. Therefore, register as a vaccine as soon as possible and be sure to get vaccinated.

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