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Clothing Business Ideas – Ajmera Fashion, Surat, Gujarat: There are a lot of people who want to start their own clothing store. But many people back away from such ideas as they often do not know that cheap price fabrics are available where. The fabric trade is a business that is always in high demand. It would be especially useful if items like saris could be brought at a lower price and sold at a higher price. Today we are going to find out about a wholesale shop that offers saris and other clothings in different colors and designs at very low price. This will definitely be useful for those who have their own shop and want to start a new shop.

The company exports saris to about 30 countries. You can buy saris of different materials of your choice from here. You can also buy raw material saris including blouses up to 6.30m in size from here. can buy all these in packets of different colors from here. Shiroski worked sarees with mirrors are available in packets from here. Here you will find a diverse collection of saris in different designs and colors made of good quality fabrics. Lace boarders saris are sold here for Rs 175.

The sarees are divided into different blocks to suit the style of each state. Maharashtra sarees made of cotton and silk, linen sarees with golden texture start at Rs 150. Also, Pure Silk Sarees specially made in Surat itself are known as Synthetic Silk. Here you will find a large collection of these too. These saris are chemically processed to last longer. The box comes with what is known as a royal set that can be used for weddings and more. Apart from sarees, there is also a large collection of churidar materials.

They come in brazo material in a way that all customers love. All of these can be purchased as a bunch. A bunch of saris come in different colors and designs. You can also come directly to the shop online and buy saris from here. They have an account on WhatsApp, Telegram. With this they will send you a catalog and you can select and purchase as you like. Heavy work coding work sarees are designed with stonework embroidery. Therefore, all these will be in good demand in the market.

All churidar materials with satin material start at Rs. 85.pant Packets can be purchased in low price.You can buy kurtis like v neck, u neck and A line from here at low prices and sell locally at higher prices. These can also be purchased in a bunch. They are priced at Rs 55 each. Men’s pants and shirt sets are also sold here. You can get all kinds of fabrics for starting a shop like shawls, readymade, unstiched blouses, bath items, ladies underwear, kids’ wear, etc. at wholesale prices from here.

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