ifixit repair your own mobile : DOWNLOAD ifixit App 2021

We all use mobile phones and computers. But when a complaint of any kind occurs, all we do is take it to the shop to have it repaired. But if we go to mobile shops and repair mobiles, we have to spend a huge amount of money. Not only that, many complaints take a long time to rectify, which can lead to a situation where the phone cannot be used for that long. But today we are getting acquainted with a website where anyone can easily fix their mobile phone and computer from the comfort of their own home.

Devices like mobile phones can be repaired themselves by using the ‘ifixit ‘app. To do this, first open the website www.ifixit.com. Then you can see that ‘Now what do you need to fix? ‘ Below that you can see Mac, tablet, phone, car and truck. You can make phone related complaints if you select phone in it. When selecting the phone you will see the phone category specification. If your phone is Android then select it. Now you can get phones in 54 categories under different brands. Choose whichever phone it is. Then select the model of the phone. Now you can see the different repair methods front facing camera and glass screen related to that model. In this you can choose what you want to repair. Then you can see how to repair it step by step here.

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You can also purchase the parts and tools you need to repair from this website. Tool kits for repairing mobile phones and computers and how to repair them are given here.

You can repair the phone in case you need to repair the phone in case of emergency. Remember that it has to do your own risk. Using this website you can easily fix your devices from anywhere without the help of a technician. Another thing is that you can repair this website for free. Ifixit Android app you can use for free. But another thing to note is that when you open the phone, special care should be taken not to affect the warranty.

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website : https://www.ifixit.com/
Download app APK https://bit.ly/3xXilmq

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