Best 5 Best FREE Video Editor – No Watermark- 4K Export for PC and Laptops

Most people today are who make money through online. Although it is possible to earn a lot of money by making videos on YouTube and so on, it is important to know how to do video editing. Although a lot of software is generally available today as video editing, they all have many limitations, such as watermarking or time limit. That’s why editing a video the way we want is a very difficult thing. Here’s how to edit a video to you wish without any watermarks and time limit.

Here’s some video editing softwares that you can use on your PC or laptop absolutely free of without watermarks so you can export as you wish.
Although it’s a bit difficult to get a video editing technique without anything that can export 1080U, without watermarks and no time limit, there are a few video editing systems that can be used in this kind.

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windows 10-video editor

first introduce to windows 10-video editors. If you are using the latest version of Windows 10, you can find the View Editor at the bottom of your laptop by pressing the Start button. It is designed to make video editing very easy even for beginners. It has a place to import and a preview window on the bottom right of the time limit. With it you can import photos and videos as a storyboard. You can edit the imported photos and videos to your liking. Additionally, text graphics and color grading can be done with this one video editor. In addition to these you can also set some background music through it. After all, they can be exported in three modes: low, medium and high. Maximum can be done up to 1080 p. However, it is important to note that users of the latest version of Windows can only use up to 1080p resolution.

video-pad video editor

The next application introduced is the video-pad video editor. It’s designed to look like a professional video editor. This is an software that beginners can definitely use in making YouTube videos. There are many features available in this software which is completely free. Those who use the 2D 3D Transition Green screen will also get the essentials, filtering and coloring. Another noteworthy feature is that this software also helps to fix the video you are taking has a slight shake. Similarly, if there is audio noise, it is possible to correct it. It can export video in 1080p, 2k and 4k formats. This too without any watermarks.

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VSDC Video Editor

The next software to be introduced is VSDC Video Editor. Definitely can be used by those who need a more advanced video editor tool. In addition to video editing and audio editing, it is also possible to convert format using the tool available in the software itself. Features masking, background change and motion tracking in a specific area only. You can also filter, color, and stabilize shaken footage. Screen recording is another feature worth mentioning. There is also an option to record video using a webcam. Another feature is that it can be exported in HD 4k absolutely free of charge without any watermarks or time limit.

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Hitfilm express

Hitfilm express is the next software to be introduced. This software, which is very similar to Premier Pro, can be used in exactly the same way as a professional video editor. The timeline and very smooth playback can be used on up to 4GB computer. Many video and audio editing methods are also available. Some people say that there are watermarks to do with it, but you need to understand that there are watermarks for things that add extra. But using the default tools does not come with watermarks. It can be exported in both HD and Full HD fork. But it can only export in 4K if it has a minimum of two GB of graphics.

DA vinci resolver

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DA vinci resolver is the next video editing software to be introduced. You can do video editing absolutely free with versions 16,17 beta. This type of software is used for color grading in Hollywood. Although it is a bit difficult to learn, this software helps you to do video editing and audio editing in a professional way. It also has vfx facility. It has a studio paid version and the normal version is free. It can export in HD, 2k and 4k formats. Also, there is no watermark, time limit it. This way you can easily do video editing in your own.

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