How can I change my date of birth in birth certificate in Kerala

The birth certificate is one of the most sought after certificates in the life of every human being. The same goes for the death certificate also. But in some cases, when applying for such certificates very quickly, a variety of errors occur. In addition, the certificate with such errors may not be usable later. But today we are looking at how to correct errors in birth and death certificates.

The Government of 2010 issued a circular amending such certificates. Accordingly, the Registrar or the issuer of such certificates is concerned with the matter. In addition, there is a law in our country regarding birth and death registration. Therefore, all errors in such certificates can only be rectified on the basis of this rule. Similarly, minor typos that occur during registration are known as clerical mistakes. Errors that occur during the issuance of certificates from the hospital fall into the same category.

In order to correct the factual errors in the birth certificate, ie the name, address and name of the applicant should be changed in such a way as to change the basic nature of the birth certificate, the application should be obtained from the concerned office, along with the documents mentioned therein and the credible certificate. This means that a statement of truth must be made by two people from the locality where you live, meaning that they only know who is being corrected. Documents to be attested like this can be done by any doctor or lawyer near your place . In addition, one and same certificate from the Village Office is required to prove that the two persons are one and the same.

The next thing to note is that once the birth certificate name is added it cannot be edited. But it can be changed once before enrolling in the school. Make sure the name on the school register and the name on the general certificate are the same. Once you move from one place to another, you do not need to change your name as the address on the birth certificate changes. The birth certificate must provide the address at the time of the child’s birth. If there is any mistake in the address at the time of birth, it can be corrected using the address of the parents. For this, parents’ ration card and voter ID card can be submitted as a document.


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If the initial surname and caste name along with the name of the party are not given at the time of birth, the registrar has the right to issue the application after proper investigation if the parents submit a joint application. The surname and caste name can be removed by the methods themselves. Names can be edited using Gazette Notification 9Y.

The old certificate should be returned when the new certificate is received after corrections. Or if the old is lost the certificate must be proved from a Gazetted Officer. If you have taken it online, you do not need to present it. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.


You can check what documents the registrar will ask you to make corrections. They have to provide all the facilities in the panchayats and municipalities to get the certificate related matters in a timely manner. In addition, each application must be accompanied by a receipt stating the time taken to rectify them. That means make sure you get the receipt as soon as you submit the application. You will need to provide the applicant’s phone number at the time of application and thereby inform you exactly. The application submitted by each will be proceeded only as per the order. Documents that cannot be amended by law must be notified immediately. However, if such notification is received after the allotted time, it is not permissible. The panchayat address should be present in all the documents provided to you by the Registrar. Documents required for any application and fee should be provided as a separate note. They have no right to dismiss your application without due process. You can buy in writing the reason for the applications being rejected by hand. Be careful not to submit unnecessary applications. Do not give extra money for any process. These are the things to know when approaching the panchayat for correction of birth and death certificates.

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