Second hand Laptops, computers Low price in Kerala

In this digital age, there is no one who does not use a phone or a laptop. Especially now that online classes are all over the place so laptops have become one in great demand for everyone. So today we are getting acquainted with a shop where you can definitely get used laptops at very low prices for those who want to start a laptop shop in their place. Let’s take a look at what are the speciality of this shop is.

The shop also has a large collection of imported laptops, branded ones and furnished systems. In addition,also provide chip level repair and other services

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Since most of them are imported laptops, there is no doubt about their quality. The corei3, which costs Rs 30,000, can be purchased here for around Rs 10,000. In addition, they will provide new systems that can be used normally for Rs 8950. They come with a one-year warranty, including keyboard mouse,and monitor. They deliver such products anywhere in Kerala. All you have to do is pay a small amount as delivery charge. From here, the systems are set up so that maintain good quality.For graphic design, the corei5 and i7 can be purchased for Rs 20,000, while the newly set up one can be purchased here for around Rs 40,000. Starting at Rs 8000, you can buy a large collection of imported computers from all brands like HP, DELL and LENOVO. Core i3 will be available for Rs 11,000. You can buy corei5 from Rs 12000. i7 can be bought for Rs 25,000. An all-in-one system that does not require a separate CPU costs only Rs 8,500.

If you want to buy a new dual core system with 2GB RAM and keyboard mouse LED monitor, you can get it here for Rs 8950 with a 1 year warranty.

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Everything including GST is priced here. Used systems that include all the accessories like CPUand monitor are priced at only 5980. Older systems come with a two-month warranty. The new one also comes with a one-year warranty. The core i3 full system is priced at just Rs 10,500. The product will be delivered within a day or two to those who order online from here. You can buy the Fujitsu Full System for Rs. 10,500.


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Loan facility is also available for new system buyers. The finance facility will be available through Bajaj Finance. This is a great benefit for those who purchase above Rs 10,000. Hard disks with up to 16 GB of RAM can be purchased at very low prices.

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Laptops can be bought in the same way for Rs 24,500. Laptops come with a 10-day checking warranty. Priced at Rs 10,500, the Acer 4th Generation Laptop is priced at Rs 13,500 and can be purchased from here.Devices serviced from here come with a two-month warranty. For all your needs related to computers, you can contact ‘Nano Computer’. The number that is being contacted is added below. Watch the video to know more.


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