What is the Internet ? How does the Internet work?

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The Internet has become a part of our daily life.but many of us do not know what the Internet is and how it works? We also have a lot of questions about how the Internet works and who is currently own the Internet. Today there are many people around us who make money using the internet. But even these people do not know the whole thing about the internet. Here’s all the things you need to know about the Internet.

The Internet works in the same way that we send a letter, or courier an item, but it has a lot of difficulties when it comes to transmitting data in courier form. As a solution to this, they started thinking about how computers could be connected via a cable and data transmitted. This began with an investigation into whether data on one computer could be transferred to another. For this, the data was first transferred by connecting one computer to another. It was successful and connected computers in a room in the same way. After that, all the computers in a building were connected in the same way and data was exchanged. It spread all over the world like a place, a country.

Thus, the use of the Internet has spread all over the world as we see it today. The Internet is the process by which computers around the world connect to each other and exchange data. Data cables are used for this type of data transfer. But the idea of ​​an underwater cable came about because it was very difficult to transfer data from one country to another via cable. However, international companies have come forward to facilitate the connection of cables by sea. This is called a service charge. Companies have started charging such a service charge from internet users.

But internet companies have provided such connections as far as a coastal area. From there they asked companies in that country to establish a connection. These are called Internet Service Providers. There are two main types of internet service providers: Internet providers in the form of Wi – Fi and cellular companies. Such a service provider picks up the connection from whichever side it takes and delivers it to the home router as needed by the public. But cellular companies established their connection and it reached the towers. These were converted into radio signals and transmitted by such companies from phone and computer.


How does the Internet work?

Data is transmitted over the Internet via an IP address. That is, it uses an IP address to pick up data from where it needs to be transferred and deliver it to those who need it. That is, the data is transferred from the IP address to the from address. This means that the IP address is only available when connected to a network. In the same way what you need to send is transmitted to the computers as data packets. cables are used to transmit data in this way. But since it is difficult to transfer data separately, it is transferred to a common server that is accessible to all. Some domains are assigned to these numbers because they are difficult to remember. That is what we use as dot com.

Youtube.com and facebook.com are examples of domain names. That means everyone gets the data they get on the YouTube server. That is, the data you upload is copied to one disk on the server. Anyone can access this data using their YouTube IP address. This is how the Internet works around us.

In this way we pay the cost for service providers as a maintenance fee. That is, we pay for service providers, not for our data, but for the tower and cable fees we spend on the Internet today, that is, the Internet is completely free, and only for its services need cost. That is how the Internet that we are using works.

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