Driving License Renewal-Malayalam

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Driving License Renewal : You need a license to drive a vehicle. Often we remember the renewal of the license after the license expiration.

What to do to renew the license The license duration of non-transport vehicles and transport vehicles is recorded separately in driving licenses.If you wish to drive after the expiration date, you must renew your license. License fee for non-transporter vehicles is 5 years and not 20 years or 50 years.

If the application is available after 30 days, renewal will be paid from the date of residence. After 5 years and 30 days after maturity, you will only be able to renew the test drive again. You can be updated online and see driving video and share it with other people’s knowledge.

Driving Licence Renewal Form:

As the name suggests, when driving license renewal form as KYC record, when you look to renew or renew the license of the associated vehicle owner, you need to understand the nature of existing licenses by the Road Transport Office (RTO). This simple document can easily be downloaded from RTO’s website or can be taken from a local RTO office as a physical copy.


RTO as driving license (Regional Transport Office) is a document issued, which is different from the state. The difference in money is very small, but there is little difference. Check the RTO Office or Portal of your entire state regarding the fees charged by your state.

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