PWD4U – Public Works Department APP 2021

The condition of roads in many parts of our state is deplorable. Often we complain about these but do not get an accurate answer or make the necessary repairs. But as a solution to this, here is an app released by PWD itself. This way anyone can register a complaint about the roads in their place. Let’s see how to use the app. This app was launched on June 8th, 2021.Currently, App has provided information on 4000 km of roads. Image is included. The rest will be added later.

How to use pwd4u app

PWD4U digitkerala

Step 1:Install the pwd4u app from the Play Store.

Step 2:After opening the app, enter the location allow. It then tells you exactly how to comply with the road information. After reading these, click on Continue button.

PWD4U app digitkerala

Step 3:Login or register on the interface page you see now. For this you can use phone number or Email id.

Step 4:When you enter a mobile number, you will receive an OTP and verify with it. When the app opens, select Report an Issue. Your compliant can be tracked if you select the track issue. From this it is possible to understand the division by taking what is needed for it. You can select the current location.

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PWD4U app digitkerala 1

Step 5:You can type your location here. Now you can see the location on the map. In this you can select the part with road compliant. At the same time type what the problem is. When selecting an item you can give what the complaint is about. Road, bridge etc..can be seen. Issue can be reported in this way.

PWD4U app digitkerala 2

Step 6:You can take the track issue and check the response to your complaint.

Step 7:Those who register with email id will get an otp to the email ID and after verifying with it the compliant can register in the same way using phone number.

PWD4U app digitkerala
PWD4U app digitkerala


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