Best Internet speed boost app – speedify

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One of the major problems we all face is the lack of internet speed on the phone. Even if you put the phone in a place where it has a range, sometimes you may not get enough internet. Nowadays all students have online classes and most of them work from home are the reasons for the slow internet speed. There is no point in trying different methods for this. Today, using different types of apps can help speed up your phone’s internet speed, but it’s confusing to us which apps can be trusted and used. But here’s how to use it to increase your net speed in a very safe and effective way.

How to use speedify ‘ app

Step 1:First go to Play Store and install ‘speedify’ app.

Step 2:Click on the Agree and Continue button in the interface you now get. Click the Close button on the side of the new window that now appears.

Step 3:Select yes or no with the phone’s data caps button.Click the Go It button. Now the application is open.

Step 4:An internet button can be seen at the top of the application. When you click on it, you have to turn on the SIM that uses your mobile data. Click the Reset button below. The phone’s network will now be reset. Then click on the Next button.

Step 5:Enable the now available speedify button. The application server can now connect to the phone. Now you can see that the internet speed of the phone is increasing.

Step 6:You can check the internet speed of the phone by clicking on the test option below. At the top you can see that the MBPS speed is increasing. This will increase the download speed of the net. It also checks internet status, usage breakdown and connection breakage also.When the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the internet speed can be increased using the App’s Wi-Fi option. When the two are used together, the test option given below can be clicked and the speed can be calculated by both. All connection information about App can also be found using the settings option provided in the app. If you feel that your internet speed is very low, then of course installing this one app will be of good benefit. Download link 

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