Internet speed increasing app 2021

Most people now doing work from home job. Similarly, with the launch of online classes for children, the speed of the net will be much lower in all homes. Not only today but nowadays most of us are playing various types of online games but many of us are facing the situation of being stuck due to lack of adequate internet. But you can easily increase internet speed in a completely safe way by installing an app on your phone. Let’s see how to increase internet speed using this app.

How to use Vpnproxy  app

Step 1: Install UFO VPN BASIC: free Vpnproxy master & Secure Wifi App in your phone.

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Step 2:There is a paid version and a free version available. But be careful not to buy the paid version. This is because the free version itself includes a lot of features. But once switched to the paid version it will definitely be a huge loss.

Step 3:If you turn on the application, you will see Connect. It Will now connect to any server. But do not connect in this way. Click Free Trial. View Select your location. Here you select France or the United Kingdom.
France is a better option. Clicking and waiting for a while will automatically connect and receive an ad. It will be skipped. This is because it is a free version. If you do not connect this way, try reconnecting again. After that you can check the action and you will definitely see that the net speed has increased. This way you can increase your internet speed.

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