Best Malayalam Voice typing app 2021

Malayalam Voice typing app  : When you have to type a long message in Malayalam at the same time, it is very difficult to type it line by line. Today most of us are commenters on sites like social media. So typing so many things like this is something that takes a lot of time. In such cases there are many apps available that can type what you want to write in voice form. However, many of these are not take vocal proper and make various errors. But with great accuracy, you can check the ‘gboard ‘app that can be typed as Malayalam Voice.

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GBoard is the app that can type Malayalam in this way. To do this, go to Play Store on your phone and install the Gboard app. What makes this app special is that it has more features than just a keyboard. Open the app after installing it. Now on the screen that appears you will see Enable in Settings. Click on it. When you select the Manage keyboard on the next screen, you will see that Google voice typing is activated. Also enable the keyboard above it. Now click on ok in the message box that appears. When you click on the Select input method that you see now, you will see the Change keyboard. In this, select English Gboard.

Click on the Allow button that appears when you click on Set Permissions below. Click the DONE button. When Language is selected, then Use System language is enabled. If you want Malayalam from the list after turning it off, you can enable it. Now you can type in English and Malayalam on the keyboard. To type what you say in Malayalam, click on voice typing, turn off English which is now shown in the languages ​​and tick the Malayalam option at the bottom. Now all the settings are clear.

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Now when you use WhatsApp or Facebook, you can also select Malayalam from the window that appears when you long press the English option at the bottom of the keyboard if you do not want to type or voice. Alternatively, you can type the message using the Google voice typing option. In this way it is very easy for you to type any lengthy messages in Malayalam using voice very easily.

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