Ukkadam Market Power tools cheep price : contact number and address

Ukkadam Market Power tools cheep price : contact number and address
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Ukkadam Market Power tools : Normally tool shops charge a hefty fee if you approach the regular shops to get the tools and accessories needed for the vehicles and other purposes. In addition to these, motor pumps and driller electric pumps are essential products in the the common use. Today we are introduced to a market where all kinds of tools are available at such very low prices.

All the tools can be bought from this one shop at a much lower price than what you can get from regular shops. An American screwdriver is available here for just Rs. 70.The cleaning brushes used in the department cost only Rs.75. Similarly, marble cutting Wheeler costs only Rs 70. It costs Rs 700 to cut wood and Rs 750 for a chain saw used by the Agriculture purpose including the blades. The electric blower 900w can be purchased for just Rs 630.

The drill and agricultural excavation machine, priced at just Rs can be purchased at Rs 6,700 with a 6-inch bit. As Lakshmi’s half inch motor does not have a guarantee, it is enough to pay Rs 1100 and an additional Rs 50 with a guarantee. The petrol water pump is available in 2 * 2,3 * 3 ranges. It is priced at Rs 7,700. Vaccum Cleaner Plus Blower can be purchased for just Rs 1,700. The Demolition machine Blue Tech brand, which is commonly used by electricians, can be purchased for Rs 3,000 and the slightly lower brand for Rs 2,800. The machine used for gas cutting purpose costs only Rs 1700. The high pressure washer used for washing cars is priced at just Rs 2100. Priced at Rs 12,500 with a magnetic core cutting machine bit. Those who want to buy all kinds of tools at such a low price can contact TM Tools at Coimbatore Old Market. Watch the video to learn more. The contact details given below.


Shop Number : 10
T.M. Tools
Old Market, Ukkadam,
Phone number : 9786404632 / 9443550693 / 04220 – 2261113

Map Link :

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