How to check Land Documents adharam Online in Kerala

How to check Land Documents adharam Online in kerala : ‘Aadharam ‘ is an important document about a land.Therefore, if the aadharam is lost or destroyed, we will have to suffer a lot for it. And often we do not know much about the land. An Aadharam Numbers will be given on each one. Based on this, the registration department will have the relevant information on the basis. This way if you know the number on any aadharam then you can now know all the information about the place mentioned on that. Let us examine how it is possible to know about a land using the Aadhaaram number.You can use your phone and laptop at home to see find out about such things. വീഡിയോ താഴെ കാണാം 

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‘click the browser, then open the website ‘’ on Google. Now you come to the homepage, select Online Registration here. Then select the queries section and select view. In the Documents section, type your selected district, Aadhaaram Registration Office, Aadhaaram Registration Year, Aadhaaram Registration Number and the caption below.

Then click on the Search button. Now you can see the details of the source you typed. Here you can see the registered date, documents and stamp duty of the Aadhaar. Below that you can see the name, address and property details of the person who bought the land. Selecting Property Details will get you the district and village, block land where the Aadhaaram is registered. At the same time, the amount of land transferred, where M is the metric size and F is the amount of feet or cents. At the very bottom you can see the previous source information of the place. If you want to see the copy on a registered basis, you can select the first page preview.

Now you can see the front page of the aadharam you requested. But if you want to see the next pages you have to pay a special fee for it. To know this, click on the new document below. Click on the view document below to know this. Now click on both the options in the alert box and enter the applicant’s name and phone number and then click on the go button to get to the fee payment page. In this you can make a payment option of your choice and see the following pages of Aadhaaram as well. But these cannot be printed. This way you can know any source of information you need about Aadharam.

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