The Best spoken English app -2022

Best spoken English app : English has always been a language with a lot of importance. This is because the importance of knowing the English language is that it can be used as a form of communication in all countries. But it is not uncommon to be fired for job interviews and work in foreign countries because you often do not know English properly. Moreover, we are going through a situation where housewives have to learn English for the educational needs of their children. But for many it is because they are reluctant to speak out. Here are some apps that will help anyone to learn English easily from the comfort of their own home.

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Let’s take a look at some of the apps that make learning English easier


Busuu is an app that anyone can easily learn offline. If you set aside at least ten minutes a day, you can definitely learn English very easily. The app works by emphasizing the words and grammar used in daily life. In this way you can learn very clearly the words used in English, the style in which they should be used and the grammar used. You will also receive a certificate from completion of the course. Free and premium versions are available. You will get more features if you opt for the premium version.


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Drops is an app that allows you to learn British American English in the same way. Here you can choose the method you want to study according to your needs. Just spend at least 5 minutes a day on this. If you opt for Free version you will get about 99 topics and one thousand seven hundred words. You can use unlimited time very fast if you opt for premium membership. It is an app that is very easy to use as it mostly uses spoken languages.

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Duo Linngo is an app that is completely free to use for those who want to learn English language. This app supports two dozen languages. It is definitely a great app for beginners who want to learn English. Another feature is that you can learn English language using more games.

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4)Hello English

Hello English is a very popular English learning app. Apple includes 22 languages. The lessons are given in 475 chapters. It also has a dictionary of ten thousand words. Teachers will also be available to help you clear your doubts.

5)Hello talk

Hello talk is an app that helps you learn English in a very fun way using a social network. It can be said that it is an app that helps people learn the language by interacting with many people through social networks. This app supports over 100 languages. Videocall, text messaging and audio messaging can all be used as free communication. It does not require any special login and can be started with a single click. Having to communicate with strangers makes it easier to talk. It works completely anonymously.

6)Learn English phrases

Learn english phrases is a very simple English learning platform. This can be seen as a very good reference guide. You can record and listen to your own voice to understand your pronounisiation . It helps to bring improvement in the language by doing your own assessment.

7) Memrise

Memrise is a multi-award winning, very strong platform. That is why so many people are using this app. The app supports several languages, including English. Detailed methods are given for each topic. You can learn a lot of words and phrases every day through this.

8)Google translate

This is definitely an app that can be used by those who want to learn more English language and those who have to travel for work and other purposes. The app supports over 103 languages ​​online. It also supports over 59 languages ​​offline. Language can be easily translated from word to word, from text to text. Being a Google app, things will be translated as you speak. These can be used in the future, mainly by adding a phrase book and favorite words. We can translate any language using the camera mode provided by Google Translate. If you want to speak English fluently , you can definitely use these Apps.

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