How to Make Homemade Biogas Plant

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Today most households do not have space to dispose of food waste. Moreover, many people are wondering what is the way to compost such waste in a very difficult situation. If contacted to set up biogas plants from the market they will charge a very large amount for it. Today we are going to learn about a biogas plant that anyone can build in their own home at a very low cost in such a situation.

All it takes is a large drum, a large PVC pipe that can be lowered into it, and the bottom of which needs to be cut slightly. And a lid to be closed. Although the drum usually comes clean at the market, it is best to wash it two or three times with half the water after bringing it home. If the bottom of the PVC pipe is not fed the plant is likely to block the waste. There are two main holes that need to be drilled outside the drum. The first hole should be large and the second small. A funnel-like section should be provided on top of the PVC pipe that is lowered into the large hole. Doing so makes it easier to put waste away. The gas escapes through the second hole. To do this, a thin pipe and a valve should be provided at the top.

Thereby the gas is expelled according to the opening of the valve. A small cap is attached to the outside of the gas intake hole, which is set to control it. The controller used on the top of the contoller is made of plastic. It costs around Rs 10 in the market. A small hole needs to be made in the side of the drum. A small pipe in it needs to be set tight. This will allow you to collect the slurry. After four days, the slurry should be collected and re-piped. Ten days after this, the slurry can be diluted and applied to the plants. The manure should be mixed and poured through a large hole. It should be fitted earlier and come to the top of the pipe a little. Otherwise there is a possibility of a leak or gas leak. This way you also can build a biogas plant at home. The total cost for this is only Rs 1500. Watch the video to learn more.

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