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Best Spoken English app : English is an important language that everyone needs to know, especially for work purposes and so on. Usually if you join spoken English courses etc. it often does not work effectively. Also, it can take a lot of time and you have to go out to attend classes. Many housewives wonder how they can learn spoken English at home. Although there are many such applications available today for learning spoken English, many of them can be used large fees. But here’s how to learn English using a very easy to use spoken English app ‘Hello English’.

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All you have to do is go to the Play Store on your phone and install the Hello English’ app which is only 19 MB. After that, when the app is opened, the Hello English logo will appear and an audio check option will appear below it. When you check it, if you hear a message asking if voice is clear, click ‘yes’. Then choose the language in which you want to learn English. If you want Malayalam, select it and give it. Please confirm it once again. You can then log in with any of the IDs on Facebook and Google.

Initially there will be a placement test to check the quality to give the course for you. You can find out exactly what the interface provided before the test. Once you reach your profile page, click the Start button. Here you can see the lesson to be learned as Lock Open. Only after learning it will you be able to open the next lock. You can open the lesson section and click on the arrow mark from each page to the next.

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You can then answer questions related to the parts studied. This way the courses are available with your level of understanding. After completing the first lesson you will receive a badge and your scoreboard will be displayed. After that you can do the next level. If conversion is selected, the conversion can be done with another person in the form of voice record. This way it is much easier to Anyone can easily learn English at home.

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