How To Convert A Non-Smart TV into Smart TV

Today most of the students are studying through online classes. Also, most people work from home. students attend online classes using their parents’ smartphones. But the use of such small screens is likely to cause major problems in the future. Similarly, the discomfort of looking at the small screen for a long time is not a good thing. But we will think of a solution to this. Here’s how you can turn a monitor, smart tv or regular TV into a 4K Ultra HD screen. With this device you can control everything like a android phone.

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Android apps can run on such an Android TV box. Included in such a box is a user manual that explains how to use it, and the Android box is 4 inches long by 4 inches wide by 1 inch height . It also comes with a five volt power adapter, a small remote and an HDMI cable. On the side of the Android box is a slot for a large SD card and three USB ports. An additional USB port is provided on the back. It can be used with a microSD card adapter or by connecting via a card reader. An SPTF port for connecting digital audio output and AV for connecting standard audio output must be provided via this connection from standard TVs. An HDMI port can be used to connect projectors and monitors to provide connectivity from LED TVs. An Ethernet port is provided for Wi-Fi access and a 5 volt port for connecting a power adapter. A number of air holes can be seen below the box.

To see how to connect, first connect the power adapter to the 5 volt port. Change to TV via HDMI port. Connect the second end of it to the HDMI input on the TV. Then turn on the TV and select Input HDMI with the TV remote. Plug the adapter out of the box. Now you can see it starting to work on TV. To see if the box is on, just look at the blue light flashing on the back of the box. You can now control the TV screen by using the four arrow buttons provided on the remote and the ok button in the middle. Click OK in the network setting that appears on the right side. You can now view all available hotspot WIFI networks. You can also make the TV work with a mobile hotspot. You can also set a password on the same screen. can also search for apps like YouTube and use the same methods used on a regular phone. can also go to the Play Store and download and use the app.

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Having a USB mouse makes searching easier. This device supports all browsers on Android devices. It will help you a lot to attend online classes and buy things. You can connect the phone to the screen TV using the WIFI display seen on the screen. To do this, turn on Wi-Fi and Internet on the phone and enable the Cast icon on the TV. Wi-Fi can be turned on and run on the TV. If you are connecting to a regular TV, you just need to connect one rear part to the input socket of the Android TV box and the other 3 pin to the socket of the TV there. You can also insert a pen drive in the box and view the data in the file manage. You can now run Android Apps on your home TV at such a low cost.

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