How to Book COVID-19 vaccination slot on call

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COVID-19 vaccination slot on call  : The growing number of covid patients is causing panic among the people. At the same time, the Central and State Governments have started providing the vaccine, but the difficulty of getting the slot booked over the phone and the non-availability of the vaccine directly leads to a large number of complaints. In addition, many people do not have smartphones and do not know how to book a slot to get the covid vaccine, which has led to a decline in the number of people who have not been vaccinated. In such a scenario, the National Health Authority R. S Sharma has informed that a new system is being introduced for booking slots for vaccination in rural areas. Let’s take a look at the features of this new system and how to book a slot to get vaccinated.

With the new system, vaccination slots associated with the health department can be booked through a helpline number without the use of internet or smartphones. In the event that the existing system becomes a neglect of the rural population and various problems arise, the collectors to the primary health care workers will have to co-operate in the new scheme and provide all possible assistance to the rural population for vaccination.

It would definitely be of great benefit to the common villagers if they could book the vaccination by calling the helpline number. It is hoped that the new method of using the helpline number will be a great success in this situation where many people do not have the technology to use the phone at present or find it difficult to book vaccinations through the app. To book the Covid vaccine, call 1075. This will definetly help the villegers to get vaccination easily.

COVID-19 vaccination slot on call

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