Cheap price flight tickets , Hotel booking App 2021-2022

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Cheap price flight tickets booking App : We all live in a digital age. That’s why we do all kinds of things online, including shopping. Today, most of the bus and train bookings are done online. But when many people do this through travel agencies and so on, they will charge you a good amount for it. But here’s an app where you can book train and bus tickets at cheap rates and get PNR status and running status at home with your phone and get a lot of offers.

In addition to booking hotels and train bus tickets at low rates, ‘ixigo’ is an app with 11 MB size, 4.5 rating and 10 billion users, which offers its benefits every time you book and you can easily check your status. If you have to cancel a flight in an emergency, you can get a flight ticket discount and track flight time through this app. It can also be used as an all-in-one app to meet all your travel needs. The best offers for bus booking, cash back offers up to Rs 350, highly guaranteed cancellation policies, option to choose a seat and availability are all available through the app.

At the same time you can choose the ones that are suitable for you. This app can also be used to easily book train seats. Likewise, if you are traveling somewhere, you can book hotels for accommodation for those four chepa rate through the app. It will also help you choose the right date and the travel expenses required for it. You will receive ixigo money for each booking. It can use it later for the next booking through vouchers. This app, which is designed to include all kinds of travel information, will definitely benefit for everyone.


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