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mPassport Seva -Usually, many people go through jana seva centers and travel agencies to get a passport. But it often takes a lot of time as well as a fixed amount of fees. But now that everyone has a smartphone , anyone can apply for a passport using an app from the comfort of their own home. In addition, you can use this website for all passport related matters. You can check out how to do passport related things by taking such a passport without using it. An app called M Passport Seva is being used for this.

After installing and opening the M Passport Seva website from the Play Store on your Android phone and submitting the application for the passport, the passport will be delivered to the address you provide. The same address will also be used by the police to inquire about passports. If you already have a passport and now live elsewhere, you do not need to come home and renew your passport even after your passport expires. Instead, you can renew your passport while sitting at your current location. Also, while in the past a lot of documents were required to apply for a passport, now with the introduction of Aadhaar, a lot has changed. But one thing you need to pay special attention to is that if you do not choose the right app while searching for the app in the Play Store, there is a possibility of falling into other scams. So before installing the app, make sure that the M Passport is selected correctly. Let’s take a look at the top 15 False Passport Apps that everyone chooses.

The first such app is Online Passport Services . One such app was developed by a company called Stylish Photo Maker. Although all services are provided, this is not an official application. Another misunderstood app is the Aadhaar Pan PNR Passport Seva app. This app was designed by a developer called 7Velly. It shows that it provides all kinds of services but this is a fake website. Passport Sevs Online is another website that is similarly flawed. It was designed by the developer Quantum solz and features all government services but is certainly not an official website. It was developed by Galaxy Android called Passport Service Save. But this is a fake website.

They have designed the website by providing all the services normally found on a website. The Passport Status Check website is designed by developer Smart Tech 2020. It is said that you can check everything related to your passport, but this is a fake website. But this is also a completely fake website. Other websites that fake these methods are Government Digital Services, Passport Service, Indian Passport Status New, Indian ID Proof, Passport Service Quick, Passport Service all, Passport Online Services, Passport Service Online India and Status Inquiry India. Therefore, before applying for a passport online, be sure to apply it accurately without being deceived.

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