Branded shoes low price – 50% offer

Branded shoes low price - 50% offer
Branded shoes low price - 50% offer
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Many of us are often want to own branded products when choosing the clothes and shoes. But for a branded product you have to pay a much higher amount than in the regular shelves. That is why it is a dream come true for any ordinary person to own branded products. But today we are getting acquainted with a shop that offers 50% discount on shoes of world class brands.

Here you will find a diverse collection of all brands for both men and women. And these are all original branded shoes. Nike brand light weight shoes all come with an MRP price of over Rs 5,000 but from here you can get half of it for Rs 2,500. Puma’s BMW series shoes can be purchased for half price at Rs 4,000. All of these are more beautiful to look at as well as of good quality. You can also get a Mercedes Benz version at a cheaper price. It all comes in a MotorSpot edition. Launched under the branded superstar model Adidas, the is priced at just Rs 3,500. Apart from these, you can also buy the Puma brand for light weight shoes at a price of Rs 2,000. All of these are available in sizes up to 13. The Puma and Reebok are also available in the shop for Rs 1,300. As the price goes up, the difference can be seen in the quality of the brands.

Women’s branded sandals, Sukal Roadster and Supra brands are all available in good quality at Rs 2,000. But in the market they are charged around Rs 7000. If l the CAT brand shoes in the market are priced at Rs 8,000, you can get it here for Rs 4,000. Shoes like boots that can be used for trekking and so on have to be priced very low here. There is also a large collection of executive type shoes .sandals from brands like Puma are also available here for Rs 700 to Rs 800. Here you have to pay only Rs 2500 for the branding executive shoes called Hugo Boss.

Here you can check the barcode of any shoe buy online and find out its price and quality. You can buy all the sports shoes from the adidas brand priced at Rs 13,000 for just Rs 6,500. PUMA branded boots are priced at just Rs 2,000. For those who want to buy different brands of shoes and sandals at a cheaper price, contact the’ Shoe Shop’ on 100 feet Road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Watch the video to learn more.


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