How to Make Free energy water Pump

Free energy water pump
Free energy water pump
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Sometimes running out of water in the tank is a major problem that we all experience in situations where it does not come for a long time, sometimes during the rainy season or not. In the event of a power outage, sometimes the voltage will not be sufficient to supply water. But here’s a system that allows you to get water to the tank at home at any time without the use of current and pump. Let’s take a look at what it takes and how much it will cost.

All that is needed is a 12 volt wiper motor, a water hose, an old tire, two bearing blocks, a sprocket, a shaft, a bicycle ring and a motor. Let’s see how to set it up.

First you need to mark with a pen to cut the frame. The cut should be 60mm in length and 30mm in width. It should be bent and cut into a square shape. The size of a square should be two feet. It should be taken according to the size of the tank. Then the frame should be folded and welded. Bend the frame before that. Now we get a square shape. It is at this point that the equipment, including the tank, is fitted. In order to connect the motor to the bicycle rim you need to go to the light and do the necessary things.

Connect with large chain shaft. It also needs to provide space for the rim to fit. The shaft can be connected to the frame using a bearing block. Power is radiated using a 12 volt five ampere transformer, a capacitor, and two diodes. Soldering all this together is applied to the assembly case of a computer. It consists of four main wires. Check it Blue Wire AC In and Red DC Out. Then check the frame once more. Then concrete a small section of the shaft, chain, and chain wheel to hit the well. Then you need a PVC pipe and reducers from someone to an inch. Glue these well. Then put a hole in the PVC pipe the same size as the cup.Then make a small hole to put the cup in. The cup is connected by a half inch pipe. Concrete the bottom to get it thicker. Then remove all the remaining parts of the cup and remove only the round part.

Fit the loop on the PVC pipe so that the cup rotates. Cut a round shape from the tire to connect an inch pipe to the reducer. After ascending through the center hole of these rings, make a gap between them like a stopper. Take it out by the cup. Put the chain around the bicycle ring and connect it to the frame. Connect these well and turn the wheel. The water is drawn upwards using polyester rope and rubber made earlier. Special care should be taken not to trap it in the cup. The water reaching the T-shape PVC at the top will jump into the tank. The connection is made from the tank to the pipeline. This is how water is obtained. The DC motor also needs to be connected to it. In this way water will be get to your house without electricity or pump. Watch the video to learn more.


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