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In the context of covid and the lock down, it is very difficult for people with illness to go out and see a doctor. Especially in this situation where the old and children cannot go to the hospital and clinics to see the doctors and sit for a long time. Many of us are looking for apps that can consult doctors online. We all live in a digital age. So let’s take a look at the benefits of using ‘PRACTO’, an Android app that tells doctors all our doubts and prescribes the necessary drugs.

PRACTO is an app that allows you to still book your doctors online 24/7 and dispel any doubts. This app, which is currently being used by one million users, is only 26 MB in size. It also has a 4.5 star rating. Such an app has been launched with the aim of ensuring telemedicine facilities as soon as possible. Doctors can be consulted through video consultation and chatting. With this app, it is possible to find the nearest doctor online and consult and buy medicines.


If a family plan is chosen, everyone in a family can get the treatment they need at an affordable rate. Health checkup standing can also be booked online. With so many hospitals and doctors currently part of this network, there is no doubt that consultation can be very effective. It is noteworthy that such a network operates in all cities, large and small. With more than 24 specialty doctors and a full-time telemedicine system, such an app is gaining popularity among the general public. This app that find a solution to your health problems very easily, and
definitely a great help to everyone in this situation.

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