Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications – Malayalam Voice typing app 2021-2022

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Today we all use social media sites. But it is often tedious to type very long messages in Malayalam or in any language you want. In this case we seek the help of apps like Google Keypad or Manglish. What often happens to you here is either a situation where we do not correctly identify what we are saying, or a situation where there are a lot of mistakes and lags. In such a situation, what we do is more important than an application that can transcribe speed. LIVE TRANSCRIBE is an application that allows you to transcribe anything while we are speaking. Let’s see what can be done with this one application and what are the things required for it.

Using this app called LIVE TRANSCRIBE you can type any number of paragraphs you want. This app works using automatic speach recognition technology. What you say can be seen on the screen right away. Let’s see how to install and use this app on your phone.

Step 1:Go to Play Store and install the LIVE TRANSCRIBE app.

Step 2:When you open the app, you will be asked for some permission. The language below is currently English and you can change it and select the language you want. Then quickly tell what you need to type and you will see it on the screen.

Step 3:You can change the language as you speak and type any other language again. If you select Malayalam- English you can type in this way. No matter how big the message, you can type it this way.

step 4:If you want to share your typed message on any social media, you can do so with the share option.

Step 5: increase or decrease the font size by using the settings option at the bottom of the screen. You can also add more options with more settings. This allows you to change the theme, language as well.


What are the application features of LIVE TRANSCRIBE?

LIVE TRANSCRIPTION application was developed by Gallaudet University in US.

1)This app supports more than 70 languages.

2)The two languages ​​can be used interchangeably easily.

3)What you say can be seen on the screen very quickly.

4)Even what you say with a headset,wireless set is transcribed with great accuracy.

5)You can use the app by controlling the noise around you with the loudness and noise indicator.

6)The optional haptic feedback signal helps to resume the speech of others.

7)Of course you can use this app with a lot of security.

8)You can change the theme language as your choice.

9)Available on android 5.0 and later version.

LIVE TRANSCRIBE is an app that is very useful for typing messages and sharing them with others very quickly.

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