Thozhil urappu scheme in Kerala – Goat farming Project 2021-2022

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Thozhil urappu scheme in Kerala : Many people have come to their home places in the wake of Corona, who lost their jobs. Such people are now looking for financial assistance to start small businesses of any kind. Therefore, it includes poultry, goat rearing and farming. For that people this is about a government-funded scheme that does not require refund that can be used as an aid to such people.

This scheme, which is included in the Thozhil urappu Scheme, provides financial assistance not only for sheep rearing but also for cow and fisheries. 1 lakh rupees non-repayable financial assistance for goat rearing will be given. The work started by the goat herder can be used to build the required nests, the cow breeders to build the stables and the fish farmers to build the pond. The Overseer or Engineer of the Thozhil urappu Scheme approached by your panchayat to apply will be informed about being a part of such a scheme and from there you will receive the necessary instructions.

Once you have applied for such an employment guarantee scheme, the officer will come from there and check if there are facilities for the farming you intend to start and if all goes well, give the necessary sanction for goat rearing. But the construction of the hive has to be done as per the instructions of the officer. The GST bill for the construction of the hive will be paid to the panchayat and you will get the money thereafter. But you do not get the money for the construction time. You need to find the money for this in the beginning. The money will be credited to your account within one or two months of the bill being submitted.

You can choose any material like wood, iron to build the nest. But there must be a GST bill. Up to one lakh and twenty five thousand rupees can be used for the project but only one lakh rupees will be received as financial assistance from the government. As it is a scheme under the Employment Guarantee Scheme, anyone in your family or you can build a hive with an employment card. That way you can get paid for 20 days of work. Those who want to start goat rearing with this financial assistance from the government can contact the panchayat.


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