How to register Pravasi Kshemanidi Board ( norka )

Many people in our country go abroad for work and suffer after retirement. But even if they return home after a certain age, they do not have the money to live on later in life, and in such cases, they have to go back to work and look for other ways to earn money. Many of them do not know about the Pravasi Kshemanidi Board or NORKA, but they go to work abroad, so many of them do not register with such institutions or know about the benefits available through it. It does not matter if you have a passport in hand to prove that you are an expatriate, you need to register with institutions like NORKA for that. Let’s see how an expatriate can become an member of an institution like the Expatriate Welfare Board and what are the requirements for it.

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The Pravasi Welfare Fund Board and NORKA are two institutions. You will receive a Norka ID card when you register for Norka Routes. All the services available to expatriates from the government are provided using this one card. If an expatriate dies in the country of employment, his body can be repatriated and the family can receive up to Rs 2 lakh through this one registration.

The government operates only two of the above institutions. By becoming a member of the Pravasi Kshemanidi Board, the family will receive a pension, child education and marriage assistance in the event of death of the member. You can check how to be a member of such institutions and what the required documents are. The most important documents required for registration are a copy of the front and back of the passport, a photo, copy of the visa and a scanned signature.

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How to register Pravasi Kshemanidi Board  ?

Step 1:Open the browser and select the website.

Step 2:When the website opens, you can choose English or Malayalam. Below that you will see the Pravasi ID card.

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Step 3:You will now be taken to a login page, where you can click on the New User. Here you will get the required registration form to fill in some information like First Name and Last Name. You will also need to fill in the country where you work, as well as create a password. Then click the Submit button.

Step 4:You will now be taken back to the login page, where you can log in with your previously created username and password.

Step 5:If you need any kind of help in the dashboard , you can select the need help option. Set the Request for new NRK ID card option on the left side, then fill in your information and permanent address in the Your Info section. Everything provided in the Red Color Star must be accurately filled out. You will need to fill in the office address, overseas address and a phone number that will be available as soon as the nominee details are selected when registering for office related matters. giving Duration, you have to enter exactly what is given in your visa. That is, you need to provide all the information such as the visa expiration date and the date of first arrival abroad. You will then need to scan and upload the first to fifth pages of the visa.

Step 6:Upload Documents Your selected signature and photo must be uploaded. Next comes the payment option. Here you can make payment with the card and after receiving the successful message click on the view application below.

Now you know the status of your application. Information about this will be sent to your mobile number. You will receive an email when the card is ready. then download the ID card by logging in to the Norka Root website.

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